Lolitas of the Midlands

...join together and make yourselves known.

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Midlands Lolita
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Gothic/Sweet Lolita and allied interests in the centre of England
Quite self-explanatory, this is a community for bringing together anyone who's interested in Gothic and/or Lolita fashion, and lives, visits or has some connection to the Midlands.

There are no particular criteria for membership, providing:
-you at least know what the Midlands is, and roughly where (you don't have to have set foot in it);
-you like some or more aspects of Gothic and/or Lolita fashion
-you can write your own name, or at least sign with an X.
No strict limits will be put on what can be considered 'Midlands', since it seems to sprawl over quite a big area.

The Midlands has lots of Loliable features if you look hard enough.
Originally established to make it easier to arrange meets, I hope we can become a reasonably lively local community. Although we are more scattered than, say, the London lolis, there may be more of us... I hope.
So, if you have any even slightly Loli or Midlands-related news, have discovered a tea or clothes or fancy underwear shop, or visited one of our delightful Sites of Historic Interest, please post here. Rants about Coventry etc. will also be accepted.

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